printfantry paper soldiers

They're here! Walkerloo DIY Print-fantry Elites. Download, Print Out, Make Up, Play.

Start off your paper soldier army NOW. Follow my making instructions and you can make your own action figures!

'Les Grognards' or 'The Grumblers' were the hardcore of Naploeons Imperial Guard. Called the grumblers because they were the only regiment from whom he might accept critisicm!

The Coldstream Guards are numbered as the second infantry regiment in the British army but don't ever call them that - The Coldstreamer's motto is 'Second to None!'.

Walkerloo Print-fantry are the coolest paper soldiers on the web... and here they are free!! Click the Pics below to begin downloading. To find out more about the real historical soldiers that inspired them print out and colour the fact sheets.

walkerloo paper soldiers

Click on the Pics below to Download the Walkerloo Print-fantry or Colouring Fact Sheets

grognards old guard officers grognards old guard troops coldstream guards officers coldstream guards troops

Les Grognards fact sheet coldstream guards fact sheet

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Print-fantry in action.

Vintage plastic movie toy clones advanced zombie like toward a newly created line of DIY Print-fantry Elite. Some of their number claimed to be 'rebels' but their true nature was inescapable - they were plastic clones made by the million by a Mega Corp Toy Empire. The Print-fantry Guard Officer remained cool and defiantly haughty as the non-biodegradable monsters rocked forward. 'Hold it... Hold it...' he whispered, confident in his diciplined ethical manufacture and expressive historic detailing. As the clones got within arms reach he gave the order 'FIRE!' and his men let loose their volley at point blank range...

walkerloo paper soldiers battle vintage starwars figures

Assembling The Print-fantry!

Click on the picture and save the file it to your computer, then extract the file so you can see file as a JPEG picture file. If you left click on the downloaded file windows should allow you to extract the file to another file location on your PC. Read these instructions over before starting to make your paper soldiers!

Print out the JPEG on to an A4 sheet of the thickest paper you have. Then using the printer controls select the mirror image print option and print the same JPEG on to another sheet of the same paper.

making paper soldiers 1

See how the sheets line up back to back. To help align the images you can trim the sheets along the edge lines and/or carefully make holes in the grey targets. Put an old blanket or cloth behind the sheets when making holes with the pencil.

When your happy that you can locate the sheets back to back precisley you can spread glue over one of the sheets. I use a piece of card as a spreader to ensure an even coat of glue over the paper.

making paper soldiers 2

This is the hardest part! Using the guides (holes and edge lines), press one sheet on to it mirrored partner and smooth the two together. Leave it to dry before beginnning to cut the soldiers out because moist paper is trickier to cut and can tear.

making paper soldiers 3

When cutting the soldiers out I find it easier to cut them out roughly at first and then more carefully as they're easier to handle.

Cut a slit in the base of the soldier and in the soldier base and slot the two together. You're first paper soldiers are ready for action!! ... perhaps they're the first action figures made in your town?