Welcome to the world of Walkerloo!

I've created an army of toy soldiers full of expression and historic detail, ready to play battle on floors and in forts across the world.
Simply push the figures from their surrounds pop them on the plastic stands and get playing. The cannons even fire elastic bands!

Christopher Walker



Version Française walkerloo_tricolor

Beautifully made in France and Great Britian from a thick, baby book strong, re-cycled card and printed with vegetable inks.

They're a fun, safe, educational, green action toy.

*NEW* Have Me Paint Your Portrait & BECOME A Paper Soldier *NEW*

+ Check out my 'Battle Of Walkerloo' movie on YouTube!

& Walkerloo on TV News here and here... Les deux en Français, at least how I speak it.

PLUS Walkerloo is now available as DIY Print-fantry PDF downloads in 1:32 scale HERE
new soldiers arrive regularly. There are already Prussians, Russians, Saxons and Poles!


'I can't find a single thing to criticize about them... I think These figures are just wonderful.'

Philip Haythornthwaite author and military historian.

'These are so cool... they're the best toy soldiers I've ever seen!'

Tom, age 9.

'Its truly a note worthy accomplishment'

Edward Ryan author Paper Soldiers.


toy soldiers

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