Museums and Shop Stockists.

Most of the museums are free to visit! and buying my soldiers there allows you to support the museums with the profits they make. Double good!

The National Army Museum, Chelsea, London UK. A wonderful museum. well worth seeking out for its collection of paintings alone, plus Captain Siborne's wonderful Waterloo model and a carnival of historic objects. Free Entry and YOU CAN BUY OUR FULL COLLECTION HERE!

The Household Cavalry Museum. A smart, modern and informative museum right in the heart of London. Located on Horse Guards parade it makes a great educational diversion. Free Entry!

The BlackWatch Museum. A great little museum on the legendary Black Watch Regiment. Free Entry!

Le Musée De La Cavalerie The museum is in Saumur on the Loire and has a great collection of historic cavalry equipment. Free Entry!

Le Musée Napoleon. Located in the Dordogne region of France you can find out all about Napoleon.

Le Musée De L'Artillerie. Draguignan. Located in Provence the museum is part of the artillery college and has a substantial permanent collection of uniforms, guns and displays. Free Entry!

The Wellington Museum at Waterloo. A very informative museum in the building which was Wellington's HQ.

Napoleon's Last HQ Museum -Dernier Quartier Général De Naplo´┐Żon. The last room of this museum wall's are filled with the most delightfully painted mini diaramas depicting incidents at the battle of Waterloo in tin flats. You'll still find me in there as I was unable to leave!

I hope we'll be on sale in more museums soon, and a few toy shops!


Soldier Pictures and Uniforms

I've always been fascinated by pictures of soldiers... these sites have some great pictures!

Uniforms of the Napoleonic Wars. Great drawings both colour and black and white showing napoleonic era uniforms from Historex toy soldier kits.

Uniforms of soldiers in the Waterloo Campaign 'Cent Jours' 'Hundred Days'. Loads of detailed illustrations make up this great resource. A considerable piece of work!

British Army Uniforms drawn by Arthur H. Bowling. This site shows the delightful artwork of Arthur H. Bowling - they'd make the most gorgeous paper soldiers regiments!

Bavarian Uniforms I think these Bavarian uniforms are great. The first full paper soldier force I made was a Bavarian Army. Lovely colours, great hats - (Raupenhelms - great for keeping sandwiches in?!) these drawing are extenisve and charming by a 19th century artist called Johan Baptist Cantler.

Prussian army Uniforms a site showing delightful postcard type illustrations of german military uniforms.

Toy Soldiers

There's a whole world of Toy and Model Soldiers out there - these links are just the tip of the iceberg!

The Toy Soldiers on-line Gallery has lots of pictures of all sorts of great old and new toy soldiers, plastic and metal, painted matt and gloss by John O'Brien - I don't see any paper soldiers there yet! Explore John O'Brien's great links page, it's got some pearls!

Historex Toy Soldier plates another great gallery put together by John O'brien.

King and Country Ever passionate about toy soldiers, and with loads of pictures of K&C Toy Soldiers, the fellas at King and Country do an excellent job promoting and encouraging the Hobby.

Wargame Figures Frontrank. excellent photos of great toy soldiers,,, wargame figures whichever! I love their sculpting.

Wargame Figures Wargamesfoundry. I just like looking at the pictures of these soldiers!

A Modern Plastic War?! Interesting project. Incredible object.

TMP The Minatures Page - A great website for forum disscussion and news on every thing mini figurish. Discussions on napoleonic costume, tactics and history. For Uniform and tactics discussion, it's excellent.

Treefrog Treasures - Treefrog forum is a place to catch up on all things Toy Soldier. Alongside my profile, Christopher Walkerloo, I've uploaed a hole bunch of pics showing my Toy Soldiers and their making!

Toy Soldier Television - See video reports on toy soldier shows and much more!

Napoleonic history

Napoleon, His Army and Enemies Lots of Interesting reading and pictures on the Napoleonic wars... some Great technical info... and interesting editorial slant.

Napoleonic Armies More interesting facts and thoughts on the Napoleonic wars.

Napoleonic Battle Re-enactment

Walking amongst a re-enactment camp is a strange and rich experience. At Waterloo in 2008 I felt at times to be in an episode of startrek on the planet Napoleon. see my pics here.

The 2nd Light Battalion King's German Legion its mostly in german but has great pictures and infomation

French 2nd Dragoons mostly in french, it has great photos of the re-enacters in action which aren't hard to find!

French 45th Line Infantry A great site with lots to read and see. These are British re-enactors marching behand a French Eagle!

The Napoleonic Association A UK based organisation involved in the co-ordination of all things Napoleonic from battle and camp re-enactments to historical research and wargaming.

Paper Soldiers

Paper Soldiers By Edward Ryan. I'd seen this book once in a shop window in London. when I began this project I had a great excuse to hunt it down on line and buy it. It is the fullest resource I've come across on paper soldeirs and its littered with great pictures of toy soldiers. I've also been in touch with Edward Ryan and he has been a generous supporter of my project.

Billy Bones Workshop. Found these by accident one day... I think they're smashin!! Wood cut stylee-ish landscapes and armies of the English civil war... Very very nice! After watching 'The Devil's Whore' the other week I'd love to have a go at some soldiers from this period... in lavish licking Rembrant oils of course!

Paper Soldiers by A.G. Smith. I'm unsure of the history of these American Civil War paper soldiers... they are nice although I find their sanity a little too dry... When I was younger I bought some ACW card soldiers, unlike my Walkerloo figures they were truly double sided but very small with only sufficent detail to justify 1:72 ish scale... they weren't these, although they were very like them!

The Paper Armies of Patrick Crusiau. Patrick has drawn a whole bunch of cartoon figures and lets you down load them for free!

Junior General is the home of thousands of paper soldiers! They're made by a whole host of contributers although Matt Fritz is the site's creator and administrator. Perhaps more for 'war games' than 'war play' there are soldiers from almost every period plus buildings, vehicles, equipment etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. And everything on the site is FREE, FREE, FREE!

Another web 'thing' by me. is an animated website I spent a lot of time on. Imagine if the best selling Christmas gift and the best selling easter gift had children.... impossible? Explore The home of the Easter Legs! There are over twenty minutes of original animation, but you have to seek it out, click and explore the completely animated web picture

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